Nutrition Training Saves the Lives of New Mothers

After fleeing violence in South Sudan as a refugee, Sharon found herself about to begin another life-changing journey: becoming a new mother. And although Sharon’s pregnancy was filled with all the joy and excitement that comes with bringing a new life into the world, dangers abounded, too. Living in extreme poverty in the Palabek Refugee […]
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Joy Increases with Growing Goat Herd

Impossible, thought Guduro. She never imagined that she and her five children could experience such immeasurable joy – not after all the heartbreak and suffering they had endured. So it’s easy to imagine her surprise and delight when her joy increased, again and again, multiplying on itself beyond all she could ask or imagine (Ephesians […]
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12 Heart-Melting Pictures of Kids With Their Animal Buddies

These pictures of kids with animals are cute, of course. But they also show how animals help people in poverty. Some are pets providing companionship and joy, some are livestock helping families generate income, and some provide fertilizer for crops or nutritious milk to drink. One thing these animals all have in common: Children and Read more…

Lessons from civil society resilience as we face COVID-19

“Adapt, Improvise, Overcome – the human spirit will always survive” These are the words of advice a colleague who worked in Ebola affected areas sent to me at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. I expected something much more technical and practical. He is right of course. At a certain point, it’s the spirit and Read more…

Covid-19 could push 30 million African children into poverty

Covid-19 is putting a strain on societies and economies around the world, and the poor who are carrying the burden of the disease, both in high-income countries as well as in developing contexts. Today, the World Bank has published its first assessment of the economic impact of Covid-19 in Sub-Saharan Africa, showing the devastating effects Read more…