Saving for a better future

Helping women in Zambia build a better tomorrow and saving for a better future

Women in Zambia face significant challenges in securing the rights to their land and homes. After being widowed, some may even find themselves homeless as their in-laws lay claim to their property and possessions. Although illegal, the practice of ‘widow inheritance’ (which requires women to remarry a member of their late husbands family) still persists.

Women living in poor communities are often unaware of their land rights, making them extremely vulnerable to dispossession. COVID-19 appears to have exacerbated the cases of land grabbing being one of the key components reasons women seek legal help, with reported cases up by almost 20%. To tackle this, Habitat for Humanity have been working to support vulnerable communities through study groups.

At these groups, residents improve their financial literacy, learn to save, with the ultimate goal of securing their land through purchasing a land occupancy licence.

Your gift today can enable more families in housing poverty to have a decent home, from which they can study and work towards a brighter future. 


“Soon I will have saved enough to secure my land and will purchase my own land occupancy licence. I am very proud of what I have been able to achieve with the help of habitat for Humanity’s savings group”. Rachael

“I used to work at an orphanage but fell ill. I was unable to go back to work, but decided to join a Habitat for Humanity savings group. I remember they gave me a leaflet with the words ‘change begins with you‘ on the front. Those words had a huge impact on me – I went home and told my children everything I’d learnt about land rights and savings. I used the money I saved to pay for my land occupancy licence. I have since saved enough to move me and my children to a safer house made of brick” Idah 

Through our work with colleagues at Habitat for Humanity Zambia, we have established ‘change agents’ like Joyce – influential community leaders who are helping to spread the word amongst residents. “Through study groups, we are helping to change things. We are making a difference. When you don’t have land documents, a lot of bad things can happen – but when you do have secure documents, a lot of good things can happen. The groups help the community across generations – when we are no longer here, our children will be protected.” Joyce

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