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Helping women in Zambia build a better tomorrow

Women in Zambia face significant challenges in securing the rights to their land and homes. After being widowed, some may even find themselves homeless as their in-laws lay claim to their property and possessions. Although illegal, the practice of ‘widow inheritance’ (which requires women to remarry a member of their late husbands family) still persists.

Women in poor communities are often unaware of their land rights, making them extremely vulnerable to dispossession. COVID-19 appears to have exacerbated the cases of land grabbing being one of the key components reasons women seek legal help, with reported cases up by almost 20%. To tackle this, Habitat for Humanity have been working to support vulnerable communities through study groups.

Your gift today can enable more families in housing poverty to have a decent home, from which they can study and work towards a brighter future. 

At these groups, residents improve their financial literacy, learn to save, with the ultimate goal of securing their land through purchasing a land occupancy licence.

I am a mother of three children and run a small business seasonal business during harvest period. I knew about occupancy licences, but money was a big problem for me. For that reason I could never finish the application process. I joined a Habitat for Humanity savings group and it didn’t take me long to save enough money to apply for my occupancy, which I secured in 2020. I feel free and safe because I know my land is secure. i am still a member of my local group and act as the groups secretary. I advise others in my community to join the group so they can learn, save and achieve land security”. Bridget

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Only 13.6% of adults in Zambia are classed as ‘financially wealthy’, but through our study groups we are building communities together to address this. Our work acs as a ‘hand up’, not a ‘hand out’, empowering residents to work together to secure their housing rights.

With your support today, we hope to run more projects just like this in Zambia and across the world to ensure families in housing poverty can build a better tomorrow. And remember, any donation you make today will be DOUBLED by our generous partner, the COINS Foundation.

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