Raising Kids Who Care: Fun Activity for Kids

In this season of spending lots of time at home, we are all on the lookout for a fun activity for kids. And even more importantly, we’re trying to raise kids who care, who are thoughtful, kind and loving. Raelyn, a mother of three girls living near Detroit, Michigan, had a wonderful idea of how she could encourage this behavior in her children, and for her girls to have fun too.

Last Christmas, the girls looked through the FH Gift Catalog and they each picked an item they wanted to purchase. But instead of the parents covering the costs, the girls emptied out their piggy banks and searched all over their house to find loose change to buy the items. This year, the girls to things a step further: They made a point to save money in their piggy banks leading up to Christmas, so they could shop the catalog.

You and your kids or grandkids can also participate in this fun activity! We even have a piggy bank that kids in your life can create to save up money until it’s time to buy items from the FH Gift Catalog.

Create Your Own Piggy Bank Activity

Download Your Piggy Bank➔

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Download and print your piggy bank. Or turn to page 31 of the gift catalog you received in the mail.

2. Carefully cut out the piggy bank, cutting on the thick black line, from the printed out activity or the page in the gift catalog. Tip: If the child is under 5, we suggest an adult complete the cutting and gluing/taping steps.

step 2 cutting out piggy bank

3. Find a cereal box or food box that’s no longer being used, unfold it so it’s completely flat.

4. Place the piggy bank cut out on the flat box. Once you have it positioned, tape or glue the piggy bank down.

step 4 glue piggy bank onto box
step 4 piggy bank glued down

5. The fun part! Decorate your piggybank with crayons, markers or stickers. Tip: We suggest decorating the piggy bank before you cut it out, as it’s easier to color.

step 5 decorating piggy bank

6. Following the outline of the piggy bank, cut the box along the outline of the piggy bank.

step 6 cutting out piggy bank from box

7. To make the coin slot opening, slightly fold the center of the small rectangle and make the first cut. Then unfold and cut out the small rectangle. Tip: Make the slot slightly larger than the rectangle so it’s easier to put in coins.

step 7 cutting out coin slot

8. Fold along all the dotted lines. Tip: Since you’re folding 2 layers, the paper and cardboard, use the edge of the table or a ruler on the underside of the edge you are folding to get perfectly straight lines.

step 8 folding on all dotted lines

9. Place glue or tape on all tabs. Then carefully fold the box together, gluing/taping the tabs to the inside of the piggy bank. If you use glue, wait for it to completely dry. Tip: If glue alone isn’t holding your piggy bank together, reinforce it with tape. 

step 9 gluing piggy bank together

10. Collect coins and dollars to add to your piggy bank so you can purchase items from the FH Gift Catalog. You may decide to give a chicken or duck, tree seedlings or a watering can, storybooks or a children’s bible. Whatever gift you choose to give, it will bless a child and family in need.

Download Your Piggy Bank➔


kids with their piggy banks


Raising Kids Who Care

As your kids or grandkids complete this activity, you can use this time to talk about God’s love for us and others. And to thank God for the gifts he’s given us. And to share about how it brings God joy when we share those gifts with others, especially those in need.

Raelyn uses this time to talk with her girls about God’s blessings and how He will always care for them. She’s able to teach her girls about gratitude, blessings, faith and abundance. They take the time to talk about why they are giving these gifts. And talking about the children and families who are in need and will be receiving them. In doing so, the girls take great care in selecting the gifts they want to give, and are happy to use their own money they’ve saved to give them.

girls with their piggy banks

When talking about the people who will receive these gifts, you may want to share with your kids a few stories of people who’ve already received gifts like sheep, vegetable seeds or hygiene kits. Some of our favorite stories are linked below. Thank you for using this fun activity for kids to teach your children and grandchildren about God’s love and sharing His love with others by giving gifts from the Gift Catalog.

Stories of Families Receiving Gift Catalog Items:

How Deworming Changed Gaston’s Life

Gift a Goat…and Help Make a Mess

Bruz’s Story: Guinea Pigs Jumpstart Change

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