How You’re Helping FH Share the Gospel

Your support of FH helps share the Gospel with children and families in the communities we serve. At FH, we believe the Gospel is best shared through our actions. It is through caring for and meeting the greatest needs of people in poverty that we have the opportunity to share God’s word.

We also recognize that God is already at work in the lives of people even before FH enters their communities. That’s why it is important for us to understand our role in God’s story. First, out of God’s love for us, He has called us to love people well. Only then does He give us the opportunity to share the Gospel with them.

And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” – Mark 16:15


You Share the Gospel Through Child Sponsorship

When you sponsor a child with FH, we’re able to tell that child the very good news that, “You have a sponsor!” It allows us to let the child know their sponsor cares for them and that they are special. A child believing and knowing someone cares for them opens a great opportunity to talk about God’s love for them–that God cares for and loves them so much and they are unique and special to God.

Your sponsorship also provides activities in the community that help children learn more about God. Similar to Sunday school, after-school programs, or youth groups, these interactions help children understand more about God’s love for them. They also learn the lessons of the Bible. And for children living in communities in sensitive areas, where sharing the Gospel is dangerous or illegal, lessons are taught around having good character. This is the situation for a youth group meeting in Indonesia.

Anasthasia was a teen living in a community served by FH Indonesia. Some youth in the community were getting into trouble, so local church leaders worked with FH to create a youth group. Teens met and participated in fun activities. It was also a safe space where Anasthasia and others could talk about their experiences and emotions.

The positive environment allowed Anasthasia and other teens to form friendships, become more confident, and pursue positive interests. Now, she helps manage the library in her community, where children come to read and learn together.

Youth group participant, Anasthasia, serves her community by helping children at the library.

Your Support Gives Bibles to Children and Families

Another way you share the Gospel through FH is gifting Bibles to children and families. Each year, communities request funds to purchase Bibles to share with children and families. Through your generosity, the Children’s Bible Fund and the Bible Fund enable FH to gift Bibles to families who are hungry for God’s Word.

Anitha, a sponsored child in Burundi, recently received a Bible for her family.

Anitha and her family reading the Bible together.

Anitha’s father said it was challenging to share lessons of the Bible with his children without having a Bible to read from. It saddened him to be unable share God’s Word with his family. When Anitha’s family was gifted a Bible, along with children’s Bible booklets, he began the practice of having his family read the Bible together on a daily basis. And, he says, as they study God’s Word, they are prayerful and hopeful about the future. Praise God!

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