Ducks & Chickens: Small Birds with Big Impact

Ducks and chickens may be small in size. But don’t let their size fool you! They can make a big difference for struggling families living in poverty. Take Pun Kho’s family for example.

Meet this Cambodian Family

Pun Kho and his family had many struggles. They had very little money which meant the children would go hungry. And, the food they did have was not nutritious so the children got sick often, and missed school. Plus, Pun Kho had to travel to find work so he wasn’t spending as much time with his family. All around, the family struggled. It seemed challenging to get ahead in any area of life, whether it be food, health, or education.

A New Way Forward

Then, over time, and thanks to your support and other Food for the Hungry (FH) supporters, Pun Kho and his family started to see a way forward. Pun Kho started participating in FH programs. He spent many trainings learning ways to care for animals. He gained skills and knowledge about proper animal care. With his improved skills and knowledge, Pun Kho started raising ducks and chickens.


Pun Kho and his family with their ducks.

These birds began to multiply and soon he had enough money to care for his family and look after all their needs. The family was eating nutritious meals with protein and vegetables. They were no longer getting sick, and the children were attending school regularly. And since Pun Kho had a way of earning income right at home, he no longer needed to travel to find work. He is now able to spend more quality time with his family. And he plays an active role in supporting his children’s studies. In turn, his children help with looking after the ducks and chickens.

Caring for Ducks and Chickens is a Family Affair

Pun Kho has taught his children about caring for their ducks and chickens, too. And as they learn about the food the ducks and chickens eat, they talk about how the children need to eat well too. And as they clean the bird pens, they talk about the importance of keeping things clean to stay healthy.

Not only is Pun Kho providing for his family by raising ducks and chickens. He is also teaching his children important life skills of good health.


Pun Kho’s children feeding their ducks.

Pun Kho is generous with his knowledge and talents. He supports his neighbors in raising their own animals. He is helping other families start livelihoods so they too can better care for their families.

Small Gifts with Big Impact

This is what happens when you give ducks and chickens to a family through the FH Gift Catalog. Your support sets a family on a path out of poverty and into a brighter future. Plus, often times, a family goes on to help neighbors, other family members, and friends as their own situation improves. These small gifts really do have a big impact.

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