Delivering Hope Around the World

Looking back on 2022, we see that even in the midst of many challenges, there is still hope! We spoke with Food for the Hungry (FH) leaders who are delivering hope in communities around the world. First, we asked where and how they saw God working in 2022. And second, we asked them to share why they have hope for the year ahead in 2023. We are excited to share with you how you are sharing hope around the world!

Delivering Hope, Safety, and Shelter in Africa

The support of donors helped save many lives in Africa in 2022, said Girma Deressa, Food for the Hungry (FH) Chief of Party for Resilience and Food Security Activity.

FH joined with USAID and other organizations to support the July-August Joint Emergency Operation food distribution in the Amhara region of Ethiopia. This area was heavily impacted by the northern conflict, Deressa explained. “That effort reached many in dire need who had been inaccessible for a full year with no access to support,” he said.

Most partners who provide aid usually work from accessible areas, Deressa said. “FH is unique in that they intervene in hard-to-reach or marginalized and vulnerable communities.”

“In 2022, I saw God use BHA/FH resources to save lives and sustain livelihoods, particularly during crises when the existing government structure or community social capital was not positioned to support the community, ” Deressa shares.

FH delivers hope, meeting families’ critical needs of nutrition and health during conflict and drought in Africa.
Upper left: Mom in Ethiopia prepares a nutritious meal. Upper right: Wife and husband in Burundi in their maize field. Lower left: Mother in Rwanda tends her home garden. Lower right: Teen girl drinks available clean water in Kenya.

Delivering Hope and Resilience in Latin America and Caribbean

“In 2022, with God’s grace, our region of Food for the Hungry (FH) accomplished our promises,” shares Julio Aramayo, Latin America/Caribbean Regional Director.

“This was the result of innovation, performance, and adaptation to new challenges in the communities we serve. Thank you for supporting our communities and enabling them to be resilient and flourish,” Aramayo added.

Delivering hope to families in Latin America/Caribbean Region.
Upper left: Sisters enjoy a nutritious meal in Guatemala. Upper right: Mother and son celebrate new water station in Bolivia. Lower left: Family surveys their flourishing corn field in Nicaragua. Lower right: Mother and daughter enjoy reading scripture together.

Delivering Hope and New Educational Opportunities in Asia

“In Asia, we strive to help children reach their God-given potential through quality education,” explained Craig Jaggers, FH Asia Regional Director.

Learning in many forms and for all ages.
Upper left: Philippines classroom. Upper right: Playing soccer in Vietnam. Lower left: After school learning in Indonesia. Lower right: Teen learning event in Cambodia.

“Our unique approaches in Asia equip older children for a future beyond the classroom and foster learning – even when disaster strikes.”

“Among accomplishments in 2022, we rolled out vocational and real-world training for youth in collaboration with the Ministry of Education in one of our countries,” Jaggers explained. “This equipped students with valuable skills for future employment and throughout their lives.”

“We also partnered with a digital literacy and numeracy company to help children transition to learn using mobile devices. This has been extremely helpful while their schools are being rebuilt after a devastating earthquake,” he added.

Delivering Hope Around the World for 2023

Join us in celebrating what God has done in communities so there is hope around the world! Also, join us in praying for God’s provision in 2023. We pray for more families to overcome the challenges of extreme poverty and live with hope for the future.

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