A Better Life for Children Started with Training for Parents

A better life for children is key to a healthy community in the future. That’s why Food for the Hungry (FH) focuses on making lives better for children specifically, and their parents too.

Rapid Change in Vietnam Community

FH has been serving the Lien Minh community in Vietnam for just two years. But results are strong given that FH has only been in the community for a short time. This is especially true considering that the majority of that time has been during a global pandemic!

Top goals for FH Vietnam are to create better living and learning conditions for children. Another major emphasis is creating effective livelihood training for parents. Children benefit from a stable environment and experience. The benefits of good nutrition, clean water, and a complete education create a promising future.

Impressive Results Impact Children

To date, this project has impacted 633 households and 673 children. Some specific results of FH’s work in the community include 688 new backpacks for the new school year. Additionally, 688 students participated received toothpaste, toothbrushes, and oral hygiene training.

Children show the toothbrushes they have received.

Additionally, students were given traditional mooncakes to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. And 226 secondary students enjoyed the experience of baking traditional Chung cakes for the Tet (New Year) holiday.

Children receiving moon cakes to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, which is a fall harvest festival.

Livelihood training for parents creates positive changes in the lives of children. To date, 15 local leaders have completed training as community leaders. And 50 farmers trained to increase their skills in order to be able to produce tea as a livelihood.

Mom Now Leads Program

“I am grateful for [FH’s] program,” said Hoang Thi Hai,  who is now director of Lien Minh Tea Co-operative and mother of one of the children benefiting from the program.

“It has focused directly on the economic strength of our community and has organized many useful activities for the children here, including training on health care and life skills enhancement,” she said.

Man teaching in classroom about tea production

FH Vietnam helps provide training on tea production

Confidence and a Reliable Livelihood

“For myself, it has given me training in planting and producing tea, which will create an effective livelihood for my family. For my children, it has given them much more confidence in learning and participating in group activities.”

Thi Hai says she believes the tea program will improve the economic conditions in Lien Minh.

Children are the Beneficiaries

“I also believe it will result in better health conditions for our children, and the chance to further their education so they could be successful in the future,” says Thi Hai.

FH plans to graduate this community from extreme poverty by 2028.

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