30 Days of Thanks

We’ve all been through a lot this year. Challenges in our career, homes, schooling, and health have been at the center of this past year. But even as these challenges arise, we still have SO much to be thankful for. Take a moment to think about something you are thankful for —right now—what comes to mind?

During the entire month of November, we’ll be sharing stories from the field, from our staff, from some of our partners, and hopefully from YOU too. Our hope is that over the next 30 days, you will know the difference God is making through you, and you will be reminded of the wonderful things to be thankful for during this season of hardship. Because the reality is that we can’t do the work that we do without you. 

Over this month, we will be adding daily stories of thanks to this blog. We will add a new story each day (kind of like a journal entry), so be sure to check back each day for new stories! We will also be sharing these stories on social media, so give us a follow on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts.

Share Your Stories of Thanks

Remember when we asked you what you’re thankful for right now? Share that with us on social by tagging us in your posts of thanks during the month of November and use the hashtag #30DaysofThanks! You can start your caption with “I’m thankful for…..” It’s encouraging to hear thankfulness in other’s lives, so let’s spread some joy!

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow!

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